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Delicious Agony
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Marillion - The Wound, from the 2007 album Somewhere Else

Anthony Phillips - Field Of Eternity, from the 1978 album Private Parts And Pieces
Satin Whale - A Bit Foolish - A Bit Wise, from the 1978 album Whalecome
Delicious Agony - What's New Promo
Tony Levin - The Fifth Man, from the 2002 album Pieces Of The Sun
Lucifer Was - When The Crossword's Done, from the 2004 album Blues From Hellah
Crippled Black Phoenix - When You're Gone, from the 2012 album Live In Bern 2012 A.D.
Frank Zappa - The Radio Is Broken, from the 1983 album The Man From Utopia
Steve Vai - Station ID
Can - Hunters And Collectors, from the 1975 album Landed

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