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The Wrong Object - Strangler Fig, from the 2008 album Stories From The Shed

Symphony X - In My Darkest Hour, from the 2015 album Underworld
Eccentric Orbit - Breaking Osiris, from the 2014 album Creation Of The Humanoids
The Enid - Space Surfing, from the 2010 album Journey's End
Delicious Agony - Live On Stage! Promo
Jethro Tull - It's Breaking Me Up (Stereo), from the 1968 album This Was
Landmarq - Mountains Of Anglia, from the 2015 album Roadskill: Live In The Netherlands
Delicious Agony - DA Interviews Promo #1
Fish On Friday - Sweet Love, from the 2017 album Quiet Life
Casualties Of Cool - Hejda, from the 2016 album Casualties Of Cool

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