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Steps Ahead - Modern Times, from the 1984 album Modern Times

The Muffins - Military Road, from the 2002 album Bandwidth
Billy Swan of The Muffins - Station ID
Secret Oyster - Oysterjungle, from the 1974 album Sea Son
The Crimson Jazz Trio - Heartbeat, from the 2009 album King Crimson Songbook Vol.2
Soft Machine Legacy - Fallout, from the 2013 album Burden Of Proof
Delicious Agony - Donation Promo: Papa J #6
Quiet Sun - Trot, from the 1975 album Mainstream
Jean-Luc Ponty - Forms Of Life, from the 1980 album Civilized Evil
Phil Collins - ...And So To F, from the 1983 album Wolfgang's Vault: Warner Theatre

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