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Argent - I Am The Dance Of Ages, from the 1973 album Don Kirschner's Rock Concert

The Gathering - Gemini I, from the 2012 album Disclosure
Transience - A Stones Throw From Nowhere, from the 2003 album Primordial
Pink Floyd - Waiting For The Worms, from the 1979 album The Wall
Iron Maiden - The Assassin, from the 1990 album Wembley
Andromeda - Castaway, from the 2003 album II = I
Philharmonie - Ouigaa, from the 1996 album Rage
Styx - Come Sail Away, from the 1984 album Caught In The Act
The Collectors - My Love Delights Me, from the 1968 album Grass And Wild Strawberries
Frank Zappa - 200 Years Old, from the 1975 album Bongo Fury

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