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Delicious Agony
The stream is on auto pilot and I'm not reading the message board

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Djam Karet - No Narration Needed, from the 2017 album Sonic Celluloid

Mastermind - Sky Dancer, from the 2000 album Prog, Fusion, Metal, Leather, & Sweat
Kingdom Come - Empires Of The Street, from the 1975 album No Man's Land
Delicious Agony - Sonic Kaleidoscope Anniversary GH 2 Promo
Paul Cusick - When It Rains (Album Version), from the 2012 album P'dice
Starsabout - I Will Never, from the 2017 album Longing For Home
Deep Purple - Silver Tongue, from the 2003 album Bananas
Submarine Silence - The Game, from the 2013 album There's Something Very Strange In Her Little Room
Happy Rhodes - The Flight, from the 1993 album Equipoise
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