Computer + spooky noises

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Computer + spooky noises

Postby mondstar » Fri May 04, 2007 7:20 pm

if you should have unaccounted-for additional audio issues:
More infos will follow:
As to point2, PC&periphery use their own socket/circuit.
3.) ..u learn things everyday. (uhm, wotta? but read on, uhm..) No problems or breakages with low-voltage so far.

next search's gonna be "balanced interconnect".

chirpy, chirpy, cheap chip

N.B.: a short-circuit is nothing to worry about. Only does the current reach a theoretical nonplus. (fuse flies, hopfully)

U=RxI (U=voltage, R=resistor, I=current)
and when it comes to the worst, the Ohm-thingy is ..well.

I=U/R , R=0, ..just thinking..

Picture a water-reservoir, 230V high. Take away the turbine an' ..action. Wa'er, all over.

In case of You having hassle-free computer components, i could ask, "WhatdoUwanna'?" - this is tech-talk. Another multimillion-transistor-chip for an apple and an egg? Or rather a ..rain shower for sure.

Stereosystem working together with PC is just fine.

Galore is your expert
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