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is the sound at DA overly squashed

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sound issues

Postby willyampz » Tue Mar 15, 2011 3:56 pm

You have a great station, content wise, like no other I've found for classic rock and prog rock, fusion etc., and I've contributed a few bucks over the years. I like that you have actual shows, etc.
But I've had an ongoing issue with the extreme dynamic range compression (not the bit rate), which is very fatiguing to listen to and I even feel slightly dizzy with the "huffing effect". I actually like a bit of compression sometimes, like on FM radio but this is really overkill. I complained a few times - I think it got really bad a few years back and I've actually stopped listening, comming back here and there. I'm no audiophlie either. Compare to He has some compression but its equivalent to FM radio, but you have a better station. He also has 128KB mp3 which I think is the minimum acceptable bitrate. Why did you do away with the 80K aac. That's a better stream type if you need to keep it below 128Kb.
Keep up the great programming, though. Thanks.
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