Can you create a small GIF with Now Playing Song on it?

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Can you create a small GIF with Now Playing Song on it?

Postby Dragon » Tue Nov 08, 2005 5:13 am

Can you make an IMAGE, like a GIF or a JPEG pic that contains the currently playing song?

Then we could put a link to it on our websites and visitors could see a little image of what's playing and then we could link it to the url of your station.

So if they are interested in the song maybe they will take a listen.

It's not important that it be some fancy javascript code thing that refreshes in realtime or any of that bother. In fact, I don't even want javascript of any kind. I turn it OFF. And I refrain from overusing that junk on all websites whenever possible.

If the user wants to see the current song, they can just click to refresh the page image. That's fine.

It's possible to take text of the song title and make it into a gif image, in fact, your forum here did it, when it asks people to sign up and type in that confirmation code thing. There's several radio stations that have this, so it would be nice if you had one too.

Just a little 100 pixel by 50 pixel thing saying:

"Now Playing: Glass Hammer - Chronometry"


"Now Playing.....: Glass Hammer - Chronometry"
"Previous Track : Nektar - Child of Mine"

No need for fancy logo stuff or embedding links in it, we can take care of that because some might want to put the 80K link, and some might want to put the 32k link. or different players for something.

That would be great!


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