Important update on preordering new Tomas Bodin CD

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Important update on preordering new Tomas Bodin CD

Postby FKYES » Tue Jul 14, 2009 11:29 pm

I am enclosing information about preordering Tomas Bodin's (The Flower Kings) new album, You Are. Tomas is releasing this album without the support of a record label (SPV/IO are having significant financial ssues), therefore he needs the funds from the preorders to print the CD. Despite being what will be a fantastic follow up to the wonderful album I AM, Renee and I actually add some radio voices to the album! We are both honored to a part of this album, as we love the music of Tomas Bodin.

I am enclosing the information from his My Space site.

You can listen to clips from it and learn about the album at

Thank for supporting independent progressive music and Delicious Agony.


July 11, 2009 - Saturday
Total INFO about my new CD
I am about to release my brand new CD”YOU ARE”. This is the 2:nd part of the trilogy [I AM, YOU ARE, HE SHE IT IS]

I started to work with “YOU ARE” back in 2006. So I can easily say that it feels good to finalize this project!

I AM was very much my own life story. But this time I’ll take a closer look upon contemporary issues in the outside world.

The album contains 7 songs, and is clocked around 77 minutes. The songs are…

You Are 9,03
Poor Lucille 12,43
Food 7,58
Dad is coming home 11,21
Private skies 9,22....
American Standards 5,33
Silicone Bimbo Run 21,20

Now I need help moneywise to pay the printing of the CD. Therefore I ask you to pay me in advance The price is 20 Euro and that includes shipping worldwide.

Payment is done via PayPal and my id is

Don..t forget to write your shipping address

I can also prudly present my new band


Michael Stolt.. Lead Vocals/Electric Basses
JockeJJ Marsh Electric/acoustic 6&12 string guitars, lead guitars
Marcus Lilijequist Drums/Percussion
Tomas Bodin.. Keyboards, percussion, kazoo, backing vocals, fx voices, vocoder

Simon Åkesson backing vocals, barbershop lead vocal & arrangement
Janne Hellman backing vocals/high pitch veils
Hasse Fröberg backing vocals (lead vocal line)
Helene Schöning backing vocals
Pernilla Bodin backing vocals/fx voice/handclap
Peter Lindberg pedalsteel, electric 12 strings, Fender telecaster
Ulf Lovéus Martin acustic 6 & 12 strings
Samuel Bodin.. Gibson SG electric guitar/handclap
Mats Johnsson French Horns
Alexander Lundberg Cello
Adam Bodin handclap/fx voice
Moa Berglund fx voice
Bony (we all know himJ) as the angry boss!
Renee Fisher radio voice
Don Cassidy radio voice
Atmospheres recorded in the state of NYC
Lyrics&music, arrangements, mix by Tomas Bodin
Drums recorded at Jonas Reingold.. Studios
Don Cassidy
President, Interviewer, DJ, Artist Promo contact
Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio
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