Merging the 96k streams into a single stream

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Merging the 96k streams into a single stream

Postby elliot » Tue Jul 13, 2010 10:04 am

We are consolidating the two 96k streams into a single stream. We will keep the 96k mp3 stream (port 9564) and phase out the 96k aacPlus stream (port 9552).

If you already listen on the mp3 stream, this change will NOT affect you. If you use the aacPlus stream, please consider moving to the mp3 stream soon.

We started offering the aacPlus stream in 2006 because, at lower bit rates (80k at the time), the aacPlus encoding provided a much better fidelity than the mp3 stream. And we wanted you to have the best listening experience as we could. However, at 96k, the differences are so slight that there is no longer a reason to maintain the aacPlus stream. By consolidating, we simplify the technology, reduce our costs, and still provide a great sound quality to you.

You will start seeing changes to the web site this week as we remove the 96k aacPlus links. Don's show on Monday, July 19th, will be the last live show to air on that stream, and it will be shut off on July 21.

The 96k mp3 stream will continue as usual. It has plenty of capacity for all our listeners. Please go ahead and move to the mp3 stream at any time.

Thanks again for listening!
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