Interview with Andy Powell, only on the Rickter Scale!

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Interview with Andy Powell, only on the Rickter Scale!

Postby Rick and Roll » Fri Mar 18, 2011 7:55 pm

airing Tuesday, March 22 from 12-3 PM EST and Wednesday, March 23, from
7-10 PM EST on

(Note: if you miss the interview, it will be available next week as all our interviews are, linked from the main page - please check them out!)

Interview time again…this week show 319 features 40 minute of conversation with guitar legend Andy Powell, leader of Wishbone Ash. Wishbone Ash has been recording and performing for over 40 years, and show no sign of stopping. We will also hear about two hours of fine Wishbone Ash music. The band is Andy Powell on guitar and vocals, Joe Crabtree on drums, Bob Skeat on bass and vocals, and Muddy Manninen on guitar and vocals.

Many thanks to Billy James of Glass Onyon Promotions for setting this up…look for another interview with another great artist in about three weeks.

Lady Whiskey (Wishbone Ash – 1970)

Interview Part 1 (Current tour, music labels and types)

In Crisis (The Power Of Eternity - 2007)
F.U.B.B. (There's The Rub – 1974)
Vas Dis (Pilgrimage – 1971)
Dancing With The Shadows (The Power Of Eternity - 2007)

Interview Part 2 (Joe Crabtree, 70’s bands, changes, working, the band now)

Driving A Wedge (The Power Of Eternity - 2007)
Happiness (The Power Of Eternity - 2007)
Phoenix (Wishbone Ash – 1970)
Interview Part 3 (Bob Skeat, DVD, Live CD’s, Argus)

Argus (1972):

Time Was
Sometime World
Blowin' Free
The King Will Come
Leaf And Stream
Throw Down The Sword

Interview Part 4 (Band split, UK concerts, taking over, singing, next CD, wrap up)

The Way Of The World (Live Dates 2 – 1980)
Persephone (Live Dates 2 – 1980)
The Pilgrim (Live Dates - 1973)
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