Rickter Scale Show 322 - Interview with Jeff Berlin!

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Rickter Scale Show 322 - Interview with Jeff Berlin!

Postby Rick and Roll » Sun Apr 10, 2011 8:45 am

airing Tuesday, April 12 from 12-3 PM EST and Wednesday, April 13, from
7-10 PM EST on http://www.deliciousagony.com

Uncompromising, opinionated, and immensely talented, Jeff Berlin has had a long and varied career, and at 58, shows no signs of slowing down. Currently on tour in Europe and running The Players School of Music for the last 15 years, Jeff keeps a busy schedule. I was extremely grateful to Jeff and Billy James (Glass Onyon Promotions) for the opportunity. My show this week is the entire 57-minute talk, with about 2 hours of music spanning Jeff Berlin’s career. The full, uncut interview is available on the main page. Enjoy!

Bruford - Five G (One Of A Kind-1979)

Jeff Berlin Interview Part 1 of 4

Bruford – Fainting In Coils (One Of A Kind - 1979)
Bruford – Sample And Hold (The Bruford Tapes - 1979)
Bruford - Gothic 17 (Gradually Going Tornado - 1980)
Bruford - Joe Frazier (Gradually Going Tornado - 1980)
Allan Holdsworth - Three Sheets To The Wind (Road Games – 1983)

Jeff Berlin Interview Part 2 of 4

Jeff Berlin & Vox Humana - Mother Lode, Marabi (Champion – 1985)
Jeff Berlin – Justibofidus, Lapp Dance (Aneurythms – 2006)
Jeff Berlin - Lapp Dance

Jeff Berlin Interview Part 3 of 4

Patrick Moraz - Warmer Hands/The Storm/Cachaca (Baiao)/ Intermezzo (I – 1976)
Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe – Birthright (An Evening Of Yes Music Plus – 1993)

Jeff Berlin Interview Part 4 of 4

Kazumi Watanabe - Hiper K, J.F.K. (The Spice Of Life – 1987)
Kazumi Watanabe - Fu Bu Ki, Concrete Cow (The Spice Of Life Too – 1998)
Players - Freight Train Shuffle (Players – 1986)
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