Syzygy Interview!

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Syzygy Interview!

Postby Rick and Roll » Fri Sep 02, 2011 8:32 am

On the Rickter Scale (Show 343), airing Tuesday, September 6 from 12-3 PM EST and Wednesday, September 7, from
7-10 PM EST on

It was an unforgettable experience interviewing Sam Guinta and Carl Baldassarre from Syzygy a few weeks ago. The setting of Carl’s beach house on Lake Erie (well, not IN the water) was perfect.

We spoke a great length about the upcoming DVD, their music, future plans, music theory, and a lot of fun banter.

The show is their music throughout time and the interview split into four sections. Enjoy!

Vanitas (Live At 3RP - 2009)

Syzygy interview Part 1 of 4

Circadian Rhythm (Witsend - Cosmos And Chaos – 1993)
Mount Ethereal (Witsend - Cosmos And Chaos – 1993)

Syzygy interview Part 2 of 4

M.O.T.H. (The Allegory Of Light – 2003)
Zinjanthropus (The Allegory Of Light – 2003)
The Journey Of Myrrdin (The Allegory Of Light – 2003)

Syzygy interview Part 3 of 4

The Sea (Realms Of Eternity – 2009), including:

Arranmore Isle
The Sea
The Morning Song
Variations, Part 1
Variations, Part 2

Syzygy interview Part 4 of 4

Dreams (Realms Of Eternity – 2009)
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