03/22 Prog Rock and Bach @ MSK

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03/22 Prog Rock and Bach @ MSK

Postby ProgressiveAttic » Sun Mar 18, 2012 3:06 am

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This week Michael's Sonic Kaleidoscope (Monday March 19th 5pm EST with a re-run on Thursday March 22nd 3pm EST) celebrates the 327th birthday of one of the most innovative and influential composers of all times: Johann Sebastian Bach. Who has much to do with Progressive Rock (being quite progressive himself), and his influence ranges from Rick Wakeman's baroque-styled organ lines to Gentle Giant's contrapunctual work and goes even beyond that. Bach's work marked the transition between the Baroque and Classical musical period, innovating in the use of counterpoint, the organisation of harmonies and motives. Added to all that, he had great talent for improvisation and his style of writing produced very elaborated and grand sounding pieces, which were target of great criticism from his contemporaries (in quite a similar way to the ones Prog Rockers receive now days).

Please join me as we explore J. S. Bach's great influence in Progressive Rock music.

Michael 8)

*Monday March 19th 5pm EST
*Thursday March 22nd 3pm EST (re-run)

Only @ http://deliciousagony.com/

"What Giant played wasn't like chords to a song with a voice on top. It wasn't that kind of music. It was more akin to classical writing like Bach. There's counterpoint. There's a melody line, a counter line to that, a bass line that's part of that, and perhaps another line. All those notes transverse the time and it formed what you could call chords, but counterpoint was really at the heart of what Giant did." - Gary Green

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