Interviews with HFMC, Discipline, & Resistor!

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Interviews with HFMC, Discipline, & Resistor!

Postby Rick and Roll » Fri May 11, 2012 7:34 pm

Airing on

Tuesday, May 15 from 12-3 PM EST and
Wednesday, May 16, from 7-10 PM EST

At the Rites of Spring Festival over the weekend I was able to have the opportunity to chat with the bands above...and next week I’ll have an interview with Sanguine Hum.

The Hasse interview is about 45 minutes, and I spoke with the entire band in my hotel room. The other two were done in the parking lot  They are about 12-13 minutes each, and Discipline is the full band, and Resistor is with Fran Turner and Steve Unruh.

Hasse Froberg & Musical Companion:

Venice CA (Powerplay - 2012)
Interview Part 1
Piece Of The Sky, I Wouldn't Change A Thing (Future Past - 2010)
Interview Part 2
Is It Ever Gonna Happen? (Powerplay - 2012)


Crutches (Unfolded Like Staircase - 1997)
Carmilla (Push And Profit - 1993)
Rogue (To Shatter All Accord - 2011)

Resistor - Reincarnation (Resistor - 2008)
Resistor - Ether (Rise - 2010)
Resistor - Piezo Fury (The Secret Island Band Jams - 2011)
Resistor - All Systems Go! (The Secret Island Band Jams - 2011)
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