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Kotebel Interview @ Sonic Kaleidoscope

Postby ProgressiveAttic » Mon May 21, 2012 9:26 pm

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The 93rd edition of Michael's Sonic Kaleidoscope next week (Monday 28th of May 5pm EST w/ Re-run on Thursday 31st 3pm EST) will feature the music of one of the most exciting groups in the Spanish Symphonic Prog scene nowdays: Kotebel (including an special feature of their latest release: "Concerto for Piano and Electric Ensemble", which will be played in its entirety) and the artists that have had an influence on them.

This last weekend I had the great opportunity of interviewing Carlos Plaza, keyboardist and main composer of Kotebel. We had a great conversation that covered a wide array of subjects including folk, classical music, progressive rock (and the eternal question: what is progressive rock), Kotebel's new album, the group's future and much more! Such an interview will be featured in the show.

Please join us as we enjoy an evening with Carlos Plaza and Kotebel's own unique brand of instrumental avant-garde symphonic progressive rock.

This is a show you definitively cannot miss!

Michael 8)

*Monday May 28th 5pm EST
*Thursday May 31st 3pm EST (re-run)

Only @ http://deliciousagony.com/

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