The Flower Kings booked for ROSFEST 2013

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The Flower Kings booked for ROSFEST 2013

Postby FKYES » Wed Oct 31, 2012 2:10 am

We're pleased to announce that legendary Swedish band The Flower Kings have been signed for the 2013 edition of the Rites Of Spring festival.

When progressive rock rose from the ashes in the 1990's, the so-called Scandinavian wave of progressive rock bands were among the leading bands that reinvigorated the genre. Not that progressive rock ever died, but for almost 20 years it was a style that wasn't covered by the music press and for music fans the result was that this kind of music disappeared. But in the second half of the 1990's the internet started to grow and progressive rock alongside it. And The Flower Kings were among the most discussed bands on the message boards of old.

Their brand of melodic symphonic progressive rock is just about universally known by now, and with the band celebrating their 20 year anniversary in 2013 they have earned the right to be described as legendary by now. And while the various members of the band all are familiar with ROSfest, our traditions and our audience, many will be surprised to know that The Flower Kings have never actually played at ROSfest. Look it up, we were almost as surprised by this as you are, and we suspect that this was a slight surprise to the band as well. So when The Flower Kings headline on Friday night it will also be the first time ever they play for our beloved audience. A historic event for band and festival both.

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