Druckfarben Artifact DVD Review

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Druckfarben Artifact DVD Review

Postby FKYES » Thu Aug 08, 2013 12:24 am

Druckfarben- Artifact DVD Review

By Don Cassidy of Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio

One of the more exciting debut progressive rock releases in the year 2011 was the debut self titled release by the Canadian band Druckfarben. Featuring talented, professional musicians that were brought together by their love of classic progressive rock, a fantastic new band was born. The magic of Druckfarben is further evident on their 2013 DVD release, Artifact. The Canadian band with the strange German name does not disappoint.

The new DVD was filmed at the Virgin Mobile Mod Club in Toronto on March 8th 2012, and is produced and mixed by the band’s guitarist, Ed Benard, and directed by Neil Fokkard. After hearing the 70s influenced progressive rock on display on their debut album, one must question how the band translates to a live setting. The question is answered clearly on this DVD, as Druckfarben tears thorough all the songs from the album. Both the visual and audio presentation of Artifact highlights the musicianship within the band. This includes the keyboard work of William Hare, and the tight rhythm section of Tony Feener and Peter Murray. Ed Benard’s Steve Howe influenced guitar playing is immaculate and his violin introduction during the song Nonchalant makes it one of the more emotional pieces of the DVD. As many progressive rock fans know, it is the lead vocal section where promising bands tend to fall apart. This is not an issue for Druckfarben, as Phil Naro’s dynamic vocal range is a perfect compliment to the music. The concert concludes with a fantastic cover of the Yes classic, Siberian Khatru. Again, the musicianship is on full display from all band members and the vocal arrangements are true to the original version.

The DVD also includes a 25 minute behind the scenes feature, entitled Oopart: A Druckumentary. This includes interviews with all the band members about the history of the band from the early days playing Yes albums in concert in their entirety to their influences as musicians. Of course, the band also discusses how they came up with the name Druckfarben!

In closing, I would highly recommend this DVD to all lovers of challenging, classic progressive rock. As the documentary explains, Druckfarben started as a live band and their proficiency in this area is on full display on Artifact. This is one of the finest progressive rock DVD releases that I have viewed and I cannot wait to hear what the band has in store for the listeners on their next album.
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