Rickter Scale Show 500!

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Rickter Scale Show 500!

Postby Rick and Roll » Fri Sep 26, 2014 9:23 pm

Airing on http://www.deliciousagony.com
Website: http://www.rickterscalerockradio.com

Tuesday, September 30, from 12-3 PM EST
Wednesday, October 1, from 7-10 PM EST

Yes, that’s correct, since August 2004, ten years of shows! This week I’ll play excerpts from a dozen of the 43 interviews I’ve done for Delicious Agony, with accompanying music. I’ll also open with some Moon Safari, who sings the opening Rickter Scale “jingle”, and close with a song from Dave Kulju, who was taken from us far too soon.

The Interview excerpts (2-5 minutes each) are marked “IE”.

Moon Safari - Moonwalk (The Gettysburg Address - 2012)

Jeff Berlin IE
Bruford - Joe Frazier (Gradually Going Tornado - 1980)

Andy Powell IE
Wishbone Ash - Sometime World (Argus 'Then Again' Live - 2008)

Ian Crichton IE
Saga - Scratching The Surface (Heads Or Tales - 1983)

Miriodor (Bernard & Pascal) IE
Miriodor - Speed-Dating Sur Mars (Cobra Fakir - 2013)

Adele Schmidt (Romantic Warriors film series) IE
Magma - Dondai (Attahk - 1978)
Caravan - Winter Wine (In The Land Of Grey And Pink - 1971)

Morglbl IE
Morglbl - Totale Bricole (Live And Loud For The Deaf - 2012)
Aurel - Life In A Water Drop (Playground - 2012)

Hasse Froberg & Musical Companion (IE)
Hasse Froberg & Musical Companion - Venice CA (Powerplay - 2012)

Half Past Four IE
Half Past Four - Rise (Good Things - 2013)

Flor De Loto IE
Flor De Loto - Mundos Bizarros (Mundos Bizzaros - 2009)

Mark Trueack IE
Unitopia - Easter (Covered Mirror - 2012)

Man On Fire IE (w/ Steve Carroll of 10T Records)
Man On Fire - Chrysalis Parts 1-4 (Chrysalis - 2011)

Steve Unruh IE
The Samurai Of Prog - Time And A Word (Secrets Of Disguise - 2013)

Dave Kulju - Know Again (Notes In The Margin - 2010)
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