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David Gilmour

Postby rabidyesfan » Tue May 02, 2006 5:32 am

:lol: FLASH PREDICTION!!! David Gilmour's new album"On An Island"is,in my estimation a "GRAMMY CONTENDER"!! The title song is very subtle and clever arranging.It just flows. The next song gets even better."Just Blue"is sheer genius in simplicity.It sucks you right in for the rest of the album. "Take A Deep Breath" is totally "Floydish".On thru the the album you travel-a"feel good"CD on a rainy day.It warms you.Very deep and simple messages.Then the last song-kinda like going home and cuddling with your lover by the fireplace.Try it,I think you'll get the same effect..............rabidyesfan...............4ever!
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Postby danzilla » Mon May 15, 2006 11:26 am

I have to admit I'm disappointed in it. Yet it's not bad. Does that make sense? Aside from "Take A Deep Breath" and "This Heaven" it's just too.. mellow and sparse for me. But for what it is, it's well done and has some of his signature tones. But overall, I would have prefered a little more rock, a few more chances. Or was it taking a chance to do an album the way HE wanted to do it? "About Face" was a more enjoyable album, to me. But I respect where he is in life and what he's done on this disc.
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