After Forever - Invisible Circles

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After Forever - Invisible Circles

Postby ianmitchell » Fri Oct 08, 2004 12:16 am


Invisible Circles by After Forever
1. Childhood in Minor
2. Beautiful Emptiness
3. Between Love and Fire
4. Sins of Idealism
5. Eccentric
6. Digital Deceit
7. Through Square Eyes
8. Blind Pain
9. Two Sides
10. Victim of Choices
11. Reflections
12. Life's Vortex

Rating: 3/5

This album is a symphonic metal concept piece about a young girl in an abusive family. I bought the album largely on the strength of Floor Jansen's vocals on Ayreon and Star One albums. She doesn't disappoint here, showing her range and versatility - in my mind possibly the top female metal vocalist out there.

The music doesn't reach quite the same level as Floor's singing. This isn't a bad album by any means - I just wouldn't consider it to be an exceptional album for the genre either. The band members can play their instruments and the songs show some creativity, but there's nothing mind-blowing or unique.

Two parts of the album really hurt it for me. The first of these was an over-abundance of death metal grunting. In small doses this can be effective (for example, on Ayreon's The Human Equation). There's just a bit too much of it for my tastes on this album. The second is a couple of 'dialog' interludes portraying arguments between the girl's parents. These are really badly written and acted, and disrupt the flow of the album quite a bit.

Overall I consider this a decent album, but not really a 'must have' for every collection.
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