Nemo - Si Partie I

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Nemo - Si Partie I

Postby ianmitchell » Thu Mar 01, 2007 11:33 pm

Nemo - Si Partie I

1. Douce Mort (16:26)
i Vivant
ii Douce mort
2. Ici, Maintenant (6:27)
3. Miroirs (6:24)
4. Si (8:00)
5. Apprentis Sorciers (20:05)
i Apprentis
ii L'eternel hiver
iii Danse de la pluie
iv Pantins
v Sorciers


Normally I don't listen to much music with non-English lyrics, but I'm glad I made an exception for this album. This is definitely one of the best albums I've heard (not something I say lightly).

Nemo are one of those groups that are pretty hard to classify. I've heard some people compare them to Dream Theater with less metal, but I don't really see that. If anything, their ability to seamlessly combine different genres reminds me of Pain of Salvation, but with a more upbeat sound and a less versatile (but more accessible) vocalist. There are definitely some metal elements, but also jazzier parts, soft piano interludes, and synth-prog. Somehow it all fits together perfectly.

My French isn't good enough yet to fully follow the lyrical concept, but musically the songs all fit together and retain a common mood without being repetitive. Guitarist JP Louveton is a fabulous player, able to shred when appropriate but also play melodically and tastefully. The keyboardist uses lots of piano and organ sounds on this album, and knows when to move to the front of the sound and when to stay in the background. The rythm section can handle complex time changes, but can also really groove. The production is extremely good, with all instruments well balanced and clearly audible. If there's a weakness it's the vocals - they're not bad by any means, but aren't exceptional either.

If you don't mind French lyrics, I highly recommend this album. You can download the complete track 'Ici, Maintenant' from the band's website, along with a 3-minute album sampler. I recently bought a couple more of their albums (Si Parti II - L'Homme Ideal and Prelude a la Ruine) - first impressions are that both of them are great albums as well.
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Postby minou38190 » Tue Mar 06, 2007 11:37 am

Thanks, Ian, for having think about our little Frenchies 8) ,they are from Le Puy (43) a little town on the middle of France . :wink:
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