AINA-Days of rising doom

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AINA-Days of rising doom

Postby KAIPA » Fri Dec 10, 2004 8:33 am


AINA - Days Of Rising Doom

01. Aina Overture 2.01
02. Revelations 5.29
03.Silver Maiden 5.00
04.Flight Of Torek 5.21
05.Naschtok Is Born 4.40
06.The Beast Within 3.16
07.The Siege Of Aina 6.50
08.Talon’s Last Hope 6.11
09.Rape Of Oria 3.04
10.Son Of Sorvahr 2.59
11.Serendipity 4.04
12.Lalae Amêr 4.13
13.Rebellion 4.01
14.Oriana’s Wrath 6.12
15.Restoration 4.55

Total Playing Time: 70.42

AINA - The Story Of Aina

01.The Story Of Aina 15.08 (Instrumental)
02.The Beast Within 3.44 (Single Version)
03.Ve Toúra Sol -Rape Of Oria- 3.05 (Ainae Version)
04.Flight Of Torek 3.34 (Single Version)
05.Silver Maiden 4.59 (Alternate Version)
06.Talon’s Last Hope 5.46 (Demo)
07.The Siege Of Aina 3.54 (Single Version)
08.The Story Of Aina 15.09

Total Playing Time: 55.19

AINA - Beyond The Borders - DVD

1.The Beast Within (Single Version) 3D Computer Animation
2.The Making Of Aina
3.The Story Of Aina - Moving Story Board
4.Slide Show
6.Audio Settings
7.Credits DVD

-The Story-
Aina called a metal opera,
The whole album is one story, that about a land called AINA, two brothers(Talon,Torek) are in love with the same girl(Oria Allyahan), but she choose for Talon.
Torek get's mad and sweared to get her, no matter what....
Torek leaves the land of Aina..and soon they will be at war with eachother..

All 15 numbers on the album, are a piece of art, top of the bill....
Preformed by the greates prog.rock/metal artist's:
-Sascha Paeth-Producer: Rhapsody, Kamelot, Luca Turilli
-Robert Hunecke-Rizzo- All drums and Basses: Luca Turilli, Rhapsody
-Amanda Somerville-Vocal etc:Linguistic Caoch of Rhapsody.
-Miro-Keyboards: Rhapsody, Kamelot, Luca Turilli

-Glenn Hughes-
-Michael Kiske-: ex-Helloween, Supared
-Candice Night-: Blackmore’s Night
-Tobias Sammet-: Edguy, Avantasia
-Andre Matos-: ex-Angra, Shaman
-Sass Jordan-
-Thomas Rettke:: Heavens Gate
-Marko Hietala-: Nightwish
-Olaf Hayer-: Luca Turilli
-Damian Wilson-: ex-Threshold(one of the finest voices in prog.rock)
-Simone Simons-: Epica

-Emppu Vuorinen-: Nightwish
-Thomas Youngblood-: Kamelot

-T.M.Stevens-: Tina Turner, Steve Vai

-Jens Johansson-: ex-Yngwie Malmsteen, Stratovarius
-Derek Sherinian-: ex-Dream Theater
-Erik Norlander-: Lana Lane, Ayreon

The album opens that with a traditional arrangement "Aina Overture" varies with progmetal topic, as a result of which you hear already that this no everyday Metal opera are. "Revelations" start acoustic, with a very good song performance of Michael Kiske, which proves here that he is possible things still other with its voice then what we are ordinary of him at Helloween. In this number you can admire also already the Trinity Schoolboys chancel, who adds a lot to a large number of numbers. They sing their texts in the Ainea language. Indeed, Amanda have worked out a special language for this album, what the comparison with still more does Tolkien-saga go up. This number has hard and gentle moments, to finish with splendid but too short act of Damian Wilson. (and that is thus is only verschijning on this CD). In this number are you also getuige of the speed and arts of Stratovarius tests Jens Johansson. Also the texts of Amanda are extraordinarily and the ` maiden voice ' which she sings in ` Silver Maiden ' prove that text letter her is not only quality. Perhaps that this number something does think surplus of Disney soundtrack. "The Flight or Torek" is a speed metal number that this way of Edguy or Avantasia album can come, but what had you differently expected if specialist Tobias Sammet take the song at its expense? In "Naschtok Born", appears it is angry from the tale for the first time at tonele and thomas Rettke gets the honour transmit this with its voice. And Sascha Paeth are not only the producer and inventor of this opera, but play also brilliant gitaarsolo in this number. "The Beast Within" is indeed the best choice as first single, but I doubt if this ever the hitlijsten will obtain, especially by its speed metal ingredients. Although the refrain is melodious enough in your head continue hang after a couple bel onion phthises, the grunt chancel (fright, this is not the some, even not real, grunt on this album) also will not help with persuade the mainstream publicly. "The Siege or Aina", which apparently the next single becomes, contains a keyboard solo of Derek Sherinian. At the end of the number you hear also the first celestial consonances of Candice Night. "Talon's charge Hope" are a number with "Still Got The blues" (Gary Moore) feeling (especially by the jet ear in the beginning) the song are of Glen Hughes. Amanda told that Glen the numbers total differently inzong than what she meant, but that she loved of it afterwards still more. "Rape or Oria" contain the miraculous song of Candice Night, what is preceded by a piano and a number of sounds which refers to the title of this number. (I wonder myself if the also Candice are that these sounds produce; -)) in "Son or Sorvahr", to T.M.Stevens the chance gets of showing why he the bass player of among other things Tina was turner and Steve Vai. "Serendipity" do the question for which Michael Kiske in the past sang no longer ballads rise, because is voice for this has been made. Amanda give also language in "Lalae Amêr" to a demonstration of its zelfgemaakte Ainea. (happy that it is translated in the notebook). And then it is time for a duel between Emppu Vuorinen on jet ear and Erik Norlander on keyboard in "Rebellion". I lets decide you yourselves who is the winner. For "Oriana's Wrath", strong rocksong with many changes, the role of Oriana was transferred to the Canadian rockster Sass Jordan. Perhaps didn't the voice of Amanda sound malicious enough? The reverse can be said of the splendid soprano voice of Simone Simons van Epica during the last number of this first CD.

I hope i informed you guys good, THIS ONE YOU HAVE TO BUY...
A band is nothing without a great vocalist.
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Postby ianmitchell » Fri Dec 10, 2004 7:04 pm

Sounds like this album is right up my alley - I'll have to check it out. Plus I was a fan of Sass Jordan in my pre-prog days (her blues-rock stuff, not her recent pop) - a great voice that's wasted on pop-rock music IMO.
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