Derek Sherinian - Mythology

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Derek Sherinian - Mythology

Postby Tim_DJ » Tue Jan 11, 2005 8:05 pm


Track Listing

1. Day of the Dead
2. Alpha Burst
3. God of War
4. El Flamingo Suave
5. Goin' To Church
6. One Way or the Other
7. Trojan Horse
8. A View From The Sky
9. The River Song

Derek Sherinian has done it again with his new solo ablum, Mythology. This album is both fun and interesting. More importantly, though, it is dripping with talent. Once again, Derek has enlisted and all star lineup to make this a veritable Who's Who of the music world. Returning from the last album is guitarist/drummer Brian Tichy. On this album, unlike the last, though, tichy handles drums for 4 of the songs, whith drumming great Simon Phillips playing the rest. Also joining Sherinian on this project are the following: Zakk Wylde - Guitar, Steve Stevens - Guitar, Allan Holdsworth -Guitar, John Sykes - Guitar, Steve Lukather - Guitar, Tony Franklin - Bass,
Marco Mendoza - Bass, Rufus Philpot - Bass, and Jerry Goodman - Violin.

This album is not your typical keyboardist solo album. Derek presents the artists doing work on his album with a blank canvas for the them to paint their own pictures on. The result is a very diverse instrumental album with a keyboard leaning, but neatly balanced out by guitars. Further, knowing the projects that Derek has worked on and is currently a part of, one would think that his album would be a dark and crunching album heavier than a tank! While this ablum has plenty of heavy, in your face music, there are also some very melodic parts that serve as a counter weight. One of them, El Flamingo Suave, has the "straight out of Latin America" sound. Upon hearing this tune, I was both shocked and delighted. It has such a smooth grove and feel to it that one can't help to begin nodding to the music. Also in the ballad catagorie are two more tracks, Goin' To Church and A View From The Sky. But if your thing is metal, this album still has plenty of that!

When it comes to power, the album kicks off with its strongest track, Day of the Dead. This tune comes in at 8:20 and is a worthy successor to Black Utopia's openner, The Sons of Anu. It starts of with a straight ahead groove with lots of power, then eventually goes to some odd time sections that will make proggers happy. The feel of the song, though, is felt in the openning minute, where crunching guitars reign. This is definitely the highlight of the album.

Another track of special interest is the second one, called Alpha Burst. With Simon Phillips laying down a steady groove, it has a taste of blues to it to match the guitar playing of Steve Stevens. While not a power tune, it is nonetheless rocking and has some very majestic parts to it. You'll not be dissappointed!

The keyboard work on this is at times up front and amazing, and at other times it plays a supporting role to the guitars. This did not come as a surprise, though, as this has been the trend that Derek has followed. This, like his previous ablums, is more about making good music than it is about padding an ego. And a great album it is! It is available from InsideOut Music
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