RPWL - World Through My Eyes

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RPWL - World Through My Eyes

Postby Tim_DJ » Wed Feb 09, 2005 11:48 am


World Through My Eyes
InsideOut SPV 085-40742 CD
Release: February 2005

Track List

1. Sleep
2. Start The Fire
3. Everything Was Not Enough
4. Roses
5. 3 Lights
6. Sea-Nature
7. Day On My Pillow
8. World Through My Eyes
9. Wasted Land
10. Bound To Reach The End

From starting off as a Pink Floyd tribute band, RPWL has come a long way towards making their own mark on the music world. Clearly, the band still has some of the Floyd sound, but they have also found their own sound. Their latest release, World Through My Eyes, is a masterpiece of progressive rock. Though the album really doesn’t have any of the trademark odd-time signatures of many progressive rock bands, it certainly doesn’t skimp on the length of songs. The title track comes in at just over 10 minutes. Six of the ten songs are longer than six minutes. For me, though, the songs just weren’t long enough!
The reason for this is that the music is so beautiful. The melodies are amazing and the groove is driving. I found myself wishing that the songs would just go on forever. They have the Floyd feel for melancholy sound, and have a similar style to another current prog success, Porcupine Tree. The album opens with a killer track called Sleep which just draws you into the album perfectly. The song has so much emotion that you can see yourself just pressing the rewind button and playing the song over again. That said, the second track, Start The Fire, takes you even deeper. What’s more, each song has that same feel. This album is chock full of music for the listener to chew on and feel inside.
While we are just now entering February of 2005, I have no doubt that this will rank as one of my top five favorite albums of the year. Do yourself a favor and go buy this CD!
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Postby FKYES » Wed Feb 09, 2005 12:31 pm

Great review Tim! I agree it is a fantastic album.
Don Cassidy
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