Great place

Post reviews of new (and old) albums. Try to be objective, so that other readers have enough information for them to know if they might like it.

Great place

Postby Leonard » Fri Aug 05, 2005 9:56 am


My name is Andreas Leonard Friberg.
I think this is a wonderful place.
I'm myself a amateur-musician
and I have written many links
of album I love. They are linked
through my homepage:
I don't sell my music, I do also reviews just
for free because I love music. I'm just really
in love with interesting music, mostly from the
late 60s and 70s.

Did I tell I am from Sweden?
I look forward to play live in America
sometime. So far I had only some
concerts in Stockholm and my
hometown Borås. I play lute, piano, organ
and make sounds. Somewhat experimental :
I'm a demoartist and years ago I went to Italy
to record my music. I'm very much in love
with Italian Progressive Rock.

I'm listening to Delicious Agony in the morning, when
I go to sleep. I always listen to music when I am
in Bed.

Best wishes

/Leo Friberg
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