The Syn- Syndestructible Review

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The Syn- Syndestructible Review

Postby FKYES » Sun Nov 06, 2005 1:08 am

The Syn- Syndestructible

Musicians: Stephen Nardelli- Vocals
Chris Squire- Bass, Vocals
Paul Stacey- Guitar,Vocals
Gerard Johnson- Keyboards,Vocals
Jeremy Stacey- Drums

1) Breaking Down Walls
2) Some Time, Some Way
3) Reach Outro
4) Cathedral of Love
5) City of Dreams
6) Golden Age
7) The Promise

One of the most highly anticipated albums in some time in the progressive rock world is The Syn’s “Syndestructible”. The Syn was a band that was formed in the mid to late sixties in London England and has been mostly known as Chris Squire’s band before joining Yes. In addition to Squire, the late Andrew Jackman, Martyn Adelman, and ex Yes guitarist Peter Banks were also members. In addition to Squire, another crucial member was vocalist Stephen Nardelli. Although they never released an album, they released some interesting singles and recorded some impressive psychedelic tunes. They opened for many of great bands of the 60’s at the famous Marquee Club in London, including Pink Floyd, The Who, and Jim Hendrix. At the close of the 60s, The Syn members drifted apart, and Squire went on to meet Jon Anderson and form the most influential of all progressive rock groups.

Some 35 years later, Nardelli was reunited with drummer Adelman and later Squire, and The Syn was reborn. In 2004 they released “Original Syn” through YesServices, which was a collection of early songs and included a re-recorded song, “Illusion”. The album was dedicated to their late friend, Andrew Jackman. In hearing the early Syn material, some of early precursors to later progressive sound of Yes were evident. Steve and Chris began writing new music together and the impressive “Cathedral of Love” made its way around internet and broadcast radio. The response was overwhelming positive, and it has become the most requested song on Delicious Agony. The anticipation for new album was only heightened by the canceling of the “The More Drama Tour”.

“Syndestructible” is a celebration of the reuniting of Steve Nardelli and Chris Squire. However, this wouldn’t mean a great deal if the album was disappointing. Fortunately, this is not the case. Squire and Nardelli are joined by new keyboardist Gerard Johnson and by Paul and Jeremy Stacey on guitar and drums respectively. The album has definite cohesive feel to it, as songs are often interwoven together by musical interludes. The theme from “Breaking Down Walls’, which opens the album, also appears later. On songs like “Some Time, Some Way” and “City of Dreams”, the production is crystal clear and the melodies plentiful. Nardelli’s distinctive vocals take the listener on a very pleasant trip and are a cross between John Wetton and Andy Latimer. The lyrics contain many positive images, and may remind the listener of former flower power days. Chris Squire’s bass playing and backup vocals are amazing throughout. Gerard Johnson’s keyboards tend to dominate during the more proggier moments of the album (check out The Promise!) and The Stacey brothers are also very accomplished musicians and they contribute greatly to the overall sound of The Syn.

All in all, “Syndestructible” is a very impressive release and one of the best albums to come out of Yes camp in some time. The Syn instead of relying on their past glories, have released a new, fresh, exciting album. It is an outstanding release, with plenty of progressive moments. The production (handled by Johnson and Paul Stacey) is immaculate and Squire is proving once again the tremendous force he is on bass and vocals. The album gets better with every listen, as more impressive elements enter the listener’s consciousness. I have spent the past week humming many of the melodies from it! The Syn have announced that they will be returning to the Marquee Club after almost 40 years and an American tour has been scheduled for the New Year. I’m sure it will be a treat to hear this great music in a live setting.

On behalf of Delicious Agony Progressive Rock Radio, I want to thank Steve Nardelli, Michele Moore from YesServices and the rest of the Syn for allowing us the honor of being the first station to premiere their new music each time it is released. It has been an absolute thrill and I want to thank Steve for being a man that keeps his word!

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