Spock's Beard in Poughkeepsie, May 4 2006

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Spock's Beard in Poughkeepsie, May 4 2006

Postby Fyrefly » Sun May 07, 2006 4:22 pm

I finally got to see the band last week at their first 2006 show at The Chance. They had such great energy and really seemed to have fun. They played an exciting mix of old and new. Thoughts (Part 1) was wonderful, and although the Snow medley wasn't what I would have liked, it was still good. One of the best moments for me was Nick's appearance with a More Cowbell! T-shirt. And the dual drum solo from Jimmy and Nick was really one of the most intense and interesting "solos" I've heard.

I can't rattle off a song list, so I hope lots of you got to see them in NYC. If I counted correctly, I was one of about 10 women there! Where are all the female SB fans? I'll proudly wear my concert T (but what's the deal with not putting dates on the back of the women's shirts? I like seeing the dates). No matter. It was lots of fun and a great sound from the guys.
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