Dreadnaught - Jan 14, 2005, The Brewery, Lowell, MA

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Dreadnaught - Jan 14, 2005, The Brewery, Lowell, MA

Postby elliot » Sat Jan 15, 2005 7:15 pm

If Dreadnaught plays near you, see them! For the money -- and the chances are, their show will be cheap -- your won't see 3 better better musicians. The guitarist is aguably as good and as fast as John Petrucci, and, unlike John, he actually GRADUATED from Berklee College of Music.

That being said, these guys are nuts. They are completely off their rockers. This makes for a fun show, and for very interesting music.

Take the abovementioned guitarist, Justin Walton. He LOOKS normal enough. In person, he is very nice. He teaches music to primary school kids. But when he gets on stage, he plays guitar like a maniac and he's crazy when he gets in front of the microphone.

Then there's the drumer, Rick Habib. If you kow anything about drums, you know you use your right hand to keep the beat o the ride cymbal or high-hat. But Habib uses his LEFT hand, and he's not even a lefty. This is just plain kookiness, but because of the completely unorthodox style, the sounds and beats and grooves and fills are, well, different.

And the bassist and band leader, Bob Lord, LOOKS like he's a psycho. And he plays bass like a madman. Off the stage, he's also a nice guy, and he runs Red Fez Records.

These guys are nuts, but they are tight nuts. They start ad stop is perfect unison, and it's obvious that they are having a lot of playing together.

The music? Hey, I would see these guys if the amps were broken and NO music came out. However, the music is, well, VERY interesiting. Myself, I prefer keyboard-oriented music, yet I love these guys, just because of the energy and the talent. Just watching the technique is jaw-dropping. The music is not metal: Justin does not use fuzz effects on the guitar, His licks are fast and smooth. The music is almost more surf and rockabiliy, but I don't really like those styles, yet I love this band.

Dreadnaught played for about 3 hours, with a break. They played songs mostly from their 2004 release, MUSICA EN FLAGRANTE, with some thrown in from 2001's American Standard.

You HAVE to see these guys. They will be back in Lowell later this year. See http://www.dreadnaughtrock.com for tour dates. And check out American Standard.
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