Beatlejuice, Feb 25, 2005, Salem, NH, High School

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Beatlejuice, Feb 25, 2005, Salem, NH, High School

Postby elliot » Tue Mar 01, 2005 10:02 am

One could argue that it almost doesn't matter what music they play, to see a group of professional musicians play together is worth seeing. I was once dragged to see Cher with my wife and I admit I actually enjoyed it because she was backed up by professional studio musicians and they rocked.

That being said, if you ever get a chance to see Betlejuice, don't pass it up.

Beatlejuice is a Beatles tribute band made up of 5 (not 4) Boston-area professional musicians. The lead singer is none other than Brad Delp, former vocalist for the band Boston. But don't think for a minute that you would hear More Than a Feelin' done to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds. Brad is a professional, and his vocalizations of the Beatles is uncanny, whether he sings a young John Lennon in I Wanna Hold Your Hand, a psychalelic Lennon in I am the Walrus, Goerge Harrison in As My Guitar Gently Weeps, or Ringo in the middle part of With a Little Help from my Friends.

See for more info on the band members and photos.

Beatlejuice played for over two hours with a break in the middle. They perform Beatles tunes with energy and they have a lot of fun onstage. You really get an appreciation for how great the Beatles really were. And 2 hours was not enough time. You can easily think of at least 5 tunes they didn't play.

You know how when you see a good comedian, the laughs just keep building and building? This is what it's like seeing Beatlejuice. You start to watch them and you think to yourself "these guys are good". But the energy startes to build, you recognize all the songs. The lyrics come back to you. You start to sing to yourself, then out loud. Then your bouncing around in your seat. Some people then get up and start dancing in the aisles.

They don't *look* anything like the Beatles, as they will point out to you. But they play the Beatles' songs note-for-note. They keyboardist uses a synthesizer and midi to get the orchestration overdubs for songs like I am the Walrus and the violins in Strawberry Fields.

The first set was primarily the early Beatles, and the second set was the White Album and Abby Road era. Dave Mitchell was flawless on lead gutar, using 3 different 6-string guitars and a 12-string for some songs. "Muzz" on drums was perhaps more rocky than Ringo, but when you hear it you realize that he is playing hit-for-hit Ringo's playng and you really appreciate that Ringo was far from a lame drummer, espcially in the later years.

Joe Holiday on bass perfectly played Paul's licks. And Steve Baker was amazing playing rhythm guitar and keyboards and all the post-production fills that the Beatles used. And Brad was -- again -- uncanny as the lead vocalist. You would never know that he sang for Boston.

All contributed to the vocal harmonies.

Beatlejuice have been playing together for 12 years. They are tight. They are flawless. They are even funny. During Strawberry Fields, a guy walked across the stage with a cardboard mushroom. During Revolution, Delp held up a photo of a cow and sang "Chairman Cow" (instead of "Chairman Mao").

If you are ever in the Boston area, I highly recommend you check them out, especially if you grew up in the 60's. Bring your kids. The Beatles is one of the best bands you can expose your kids to.

And if you are not a Beatles fan (shame on you), see them ayway, because to see a group of professional musicians play familiar songs, not matter what they are, is almost always with the price of admission (in this case, $15).
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Postby vertebrate » Tue Sep 27, 2005 9:38 am

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