The Flower Kings (Rochester, 5.27.05) Was Glorious!

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The Flower Kings (Rochester, 5.27.05) Was Glorious!

Postby hoosier » Mon May 30, 2005 9:14 pm

Ok, I'll grant that anyone hanging around DA the last couple weeks was getting damn sick and tired of the Indiana kid going on and on about figuring out how to do this and that (other than my normal stirrin' the pot stuff) to get to a FK show. Point taken.

But in the final analysis, the old guy DID get to hear, see, and feel the show in Rochester. It was worth every bit of fret that I had caused for myself.

I'm not good at setlists and such....I'm more of a total package person when it comes to shows. If that interests you, go to the Flower Kings Forum at .There's a number of folks there that are obviously very good at remembering.

It may scare you to some degree to know that I will nver be the same ;)
I'd never been in a venue like The Water Street Music Hall for a show. There was probably about 200 there-all FK afficienados of varying degree. By the time we left, everyone's degree had gotten kicked up a gaggle of notches.

For me, it was a journey of firsts:
-First time for a live FK show.....'nuff said. I was totally blown away.

-First time east of Cleveland.....and I liked it-ALOT. Everyone I met was very friendly and seemingly went out of their way to be nice to me. What's up with that?!
(hmmm..I hope my age and pity didn't factor into that....naw)

-First time face to face with Flower Children. Not one looked down their nose at me as the FK show virgin that I was. They, rather, seemed genuinely excited that I was at "their" show. And you know, that genuineness was just that. It was truly neat. And in addition to the folks at Prog90 and people from the Rochester area, I got to shake hand with Adamas (Michel) who had come down from Canada. Suite.

The opening act (in the other room) was a Genesis tribute called The Waiting Room. If I'd closed my eyes for a moment, I'd a thought I was back in the National Guard Armory gymnasium in '72 (I think) when I first heard (and saw) Gabriel doing his thing. TWR was first class.

Probably not a normal post show post (heh, heh), but nothing about my evening with The Flower Kings was ordinary--it was EXTRAORDINARY!

Go see ' just gotta do it.

grins :D
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