#374 Triumvirat-Spartacus-1975

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#374 Triumvirat-Spartacus-1975

Postby canvas » Sat Feb 18, 2012 10:29 pm

The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 374
“In Focus”-Triumvirat-Spartacus-1975

Genesis-Eleventh Earl Of Mar-Wind & Wuthering-1976
Neal Morse-Interlude/The Prince Of The Power Of The Air-Testimony-2003
The John Irvine Band-Hubbub-Wait & See-2011
Sieges Even-The Lonely Views Of Condors-The Art Of Navigating By The Stars-2005
Triumvirat-The Capital Of Power-Spartacus-1975
Triumvirat-The School Of Instant Pain-Spartacus-1975

Steely Dan-Kid Charlemagne-The Royal Scam-1976 (with Larry Carlton)
Fragile-Back Skip-Fragile-1996
Agents Of Mercy-Between Sun & Moon-The Black Forest-2011
Anekdoten-The War Is Over-Gravity-2003
Dan Fogelberg & Tim Weisberg-Intimidation-Twin Sons Of Different Mothers-1978
Triumvirat-The Deadly Dream Of Freedom-Spartacus-1975
Triumvirat-The Hazy Shades Of Dawn-Spartacus-1975

Magic Pie-Headlines-The Suffering Joy-2011
Brand X-Smacks Of Euphoric Hysteria-Unorthodox Behaviour-1976 (with Phil Collins)
Steve Hackett-Fire On The Moon-Out Of The Tunnels Mouth-2010 (with Chris Squire)
Combination Head-Devonshire Crescent-Combination Head-2006
Minus The Bear-Secret Country-Omni-2010
Allan Holdsworth-Metal Fatigue-Metal Fatigue-1985 (with Chad Wackerman)
Triumvirat-The Sweetest Sound Of Liberty-Spartacus-1975

The Firm-Midnight Moonlight-The Firm-1985
The Jelly Jam-Feeling-The Jelly Jam-2002
Journey-Destiny-Dream After Dream-1980
Camel-Metrognome-Rain Dances-1977
Fibonacci Sequence-Commencement-Numerology-2010
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