#478 Rush-2112-1976

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#478 Rush-2112-1976

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The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 478
In Focus-Rush-2112-1976

Armageddon-Buzzard-Armageddon-1975 (with Bobby Caldwell)
Steven Wilson-My Book Of Regrets- 4 1/2-2016 (with Adam Holzman)

Neal Morse-Author Of Confusion-Morsefest 2014-2015 (live)(with Mike Portnoy)
Aunt Mary-Open Your Eyes-New Dawn-2016
Casualties Of Cool-Daddy-Casualties Of Cool-2016 (with Devin Townsend)
Kevin Gilbert-Staring Into Nothing-The Shaming Of The True-2000
Michael Rutherford-Out Into The Daylight-Small Creeps Day-1979 (with Simon Phillips)
Adam Holzman & Brave New World-Tuesday-Spork-2010
Rush-A Passage To Bankok-2112-1976

Chicago-Ballet For A Girl From Buchannon-Chicago-1970
Camel-Rhayader/Rhayader Goes To Town-The Snow Goose-1975
Flying Colors-Cosmic Symphony-Second Nature-2014 (with Steve Morse)
Dixie Dregs-Odyssey-What If-1978 (with Mark Parrish)
Happy The Man-Stumpy Meets The Firecracker In Stencil Forest-Happy The Man-1977

Downes Braide Association-North Sea-Suburban Ghosts-2015
Genesis-Eleventh Earl Of Mar-Wind & Wuthering-1976
Magnetic Sound Machine-Camel Trouble-Chances & Accidents-2010
Kansas-Magnum Opus-Leftoverture-1976
Izz-The Three Seers-Everlasting Instant-2015
Queen-My Fairy King-Queen-1973
Spock's Beard-Bennett Built A Time Machine-The Oblivion Particle-2015
Rush-Something For Nothing-2112-1976
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