#480 Genesis-A Trick Of The Tail-1976

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#480 Genesis-A Trick Of The Tail-1976

Postby canvas » Wed Mar 16, 2016 8:22 am

The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 480
In Focus-Genesis-A Trick Of The Tail-1976

The Police-Regatta De Blanc-Regatta De Blanc-1978
The Mute Gods-Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me-Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me-2016 (with Nick Beggs)
Pain Of Salvation-Stress-Falling Home-2014
Lenny White-Chapter One: Pursuit-The Adventures Of Astral Pirates-1978
Riverside-Lost...-Love, Fear And The Time Machine-2015
Steven Wilson-3 Years Older-Hand. Cannot. Erase.-2015 (with Adam Holzman)
Jeff Beck-Morning Dew-Truth-1968 (with Rod Stewart)
Genesis-Dance On A Volcano-A Trick Of The Tail-1976 (with Steve Hackett)

Agents Of Mercy-Citadel-The Black Forest-2011 (with Nad Sylvan)
Nad Sylvan-The Killing Of The Calm-Courting The Widow-2015 (with Nick Beggs)
Brand X-Dead Pretty (1975)-The Missing Period-2014 (with Percy Jones)
The Neal Morse Band-The Call-The Grand Experiment-2015 (with Mike Portnoy)
The Tubes-What Do You Want From Life-The Tubes-1975
The Anderson Ponty Band-Intro/One In The Rhythms Of Hope-Better Late Than Never-2015 (with Rayford Griffin)
Genesis-Squonk-A Trick Of The Tail-1976

Flying Colors-Blue Ocean-Flying Colors-2012 (with Steve Morse & Neal Morse)
Headspace-Polluted Alcohol-All That You Fear Is Gone-2016
Players-Between Coming & Going-Players-1987 (with Jeff Berlin & T Lavitz)(live)
Anathema-Ariel-Distant Satellites-2014
Alphonse Mouzon-The Ram And The Scorpio-In Search Of A Dream-1973
Canvas-Scheherazade-Long Way To Mars-2013 (with Tammy Lounsberry)
Steve Walsh-Davey And The Stone That Rolled Away-Shadowman-2005
Genesis-Robbery, Assault & Battery-A Trick Of The Tail-1976

Steely Dan-Night By Night-Pretzel Logic-1974
Fish-Just Good Friends (Close)-Internal Exile-1991
The Tangent-Codpieces & Capes-A Spark In The Aether-2015
Dave Kilminster-The Fallen-And The Truth Will Set You Free-2014
Little River Band-Playing To Win-Playing To Win-1984
Steve Hackett-Spectral Mornings-Spectral Mornings-1979
Genesis-Los Endos-A Trick Of The Tail-1976
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