#484 Santana-Borboletta-1974

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#484 Santana-Borboletta-1974

Postby canvas » Sat May 14, 2016 9:11 pm

The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 484
In Focus-Santana-Borboletta-1974

Zero One-Red Glasses-Darwin's Finch VS The Flying Saucers-1991
Kevin Gilbert-Goodness Gracious-(demo 1992)-Thud-2014
Adam Nitti-Not Of This World-Not Of This World-2014
UFO-Love To Love-Lights Out-1977 (with Michael Schenker)
Thin Lizzy-Borderline-Johnny The Fox-1976
Santana-Canto De Los Flores-Borboletta-1974

Tony Williams Lifetime-Fred-Believe It-1975 (with Allan Holdsworth)
Sky Talk-Hearing The Silence-Days In The Sun-2015
The Aristocrats-Stupid 7-Tres Caballeros-2015 (with Beller, Govan & Minnemann)
Downes Braide Association-North Sea-Suburban Ghosts-2015
Yuka & Chronoship-Age Of Steam-The 3rd Planetary Chronicles-2015
Santana-Life Is Anew-Borboletta-1974
Santana-Give And Take-Borboletta-1974

Transatlantic-My New World-SMPTe-2000 (with Pete Trewavas)
Security Project-I Don't Remember-Live 1-2016 (with Jerry Marotta)
Rick Wakeman-The Great Gig In The Sky-Starship Trooper-2016 (with Steve Howe)
Special Providence-Surprise Me-Essence Of Change-2015
The Raptor Trail-Four Times-New World-2016
Santana-Practice What You Preach-Borboletta-1974

THEO-The Game Of Ouroboros-The Game Of Ouroboros-2015
Ad Infinitum-Overland-Ad Infinitum-1998
Long Distance Calling-Getaway-Trips-2016
ZZ Top-Manic Mechanic-Deguello-1979
Messenger-Balearic Blue-Threnodies-2016
John Wetton & Richard Palmer James-Rich Men Lie-Monkey Business (1972-1997)-2014
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