#485 The Tubes-Young And Rich-1976

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#485 The Tubes-Young And Rich-1976

Postby canvas » Mon May 23, 2016 8:40 am

The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 485
In Focus-The Tubes-Young And Rich-1976

Nad Sylvan-Carry Me Home-Courting The Widow-2015
Thomas Lang & Conrad Schrenk-Impar Latine-Yuma Flex-2012
Rare Bird-Baby Listen-Epic Forest-1972
Cosmosquad-El Parro Vaila-Cosmosquad-1997
Marillion-The King Of Sunset Town-Seasons End-1989
Keith Emerson & Greg Lake-From The Beginning-Live From Manticore Hall-2014
The Tubes-Tubes World Tour-Young And Rich-1976
The Tubes-Brighter Day-Young And Rich-1976

Colosseum II-War Dance-War Dance-1978 (with Gary Moore)
Riverside-Lost...-Love, Fear And The Time Machine-2015
Tuorl-Don't Leave Your Dinosauri At Home-Tuorl-2015
The Jelly Jam-Stain On The Sun-Profit-2016 (with Rod Morgenstein)
Derek Sherinian-Mulholland-Oceana-2011 (with Steve Lukather)
Giraffe-Everything We Are-The Power Of Suggestion-1987 (with Kevin Gilbert)
Moon Safari-Yasgur's Farm-Blomljud-2008
The Tubes-Pimp-Young And Rich-1976
The Tubes-Slipped My Disco-Young And Rich-1976

Security Project-I Have The Touch-Live 1-2016 (with Trey Gunn)
Flying Colors-One Love Forever-Second Flight-2015 (live) (with Steve Morse)
The Anderson Ponty Band-And You And I-Better Late Than Never-2015
The 4 Korners-What A Ride-The 4 Korners-2014
Kansas-The Spider/Portrait He Knew-Point Of Know Return-1977
Steven Wilson-Routine- Hand Cannot Erase-2015
The Tubes-Poland Whole/Madam I'm Adam-Young And Rich-1976

The Neal Morse Band-Waterfall-The Grand Experiment-2015
Chicago-Now That You've Gone-V-1972
Gavin Harrison-The Sound Of Muzak...-Cheating The Polygraph-2015
The Who-The Dirty Jobs-Quadrophenia-1973
Genesis-The Lady Lies-And Then There Were Three-1978
Brand X-Don't Make Waves-Product-1979 (with Percy Jones & Phil Collins)
Utopia-Last Of The New wave Riders-Adventures In Utopia-1980
The Tubes-Young And Rich-Young And Rich-1976
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