#490 UK-1978

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#490 UK-1978

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The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 490
In Focus-UK-1978

Jellyfish-Hush-Spilt Milk-1993 (with Roger Manning)
Jellyfish-Joining A Fan Club-Spilt Milk-1993 (with Andy Sturmer)
Jellyfish-Sebrina Paste And Plato-Spilt Milk-1993
Karmakanic-Steer By The Stars-dot-2016 (with Jonas Reingold)
Jeff Beck-Behind The Veil-Guitar Shop-1989 (with Terry Bozzio)
The Jelly Jam-Stop-Profit-2016 (with Ty Tabor)
Yes-America-Yesterdays-1974 (with Bill Bruford)
Bill Bruford-One Of A Kind Parts 1 & 2-One Of A Kind-1979 (with Jeff Berlin)
UK-In The Dead Of Night-UK-1978 (with Bill Bruford)

Thomas Lang & Conrad Schrenk-Impar Latine-Yumaflex-2012
Zebra-Who's Behind The Door-Zebra-1983
Anderson/Stolt-Knowledge-Invention Of Knowledge-2016 (with Jonas Reingold)
Santana-Primera Invasion/Searchin'-Zebop!-1981 (with Graham Lear)
King Crimson-Fallen Angel-Red-1974 (with John Wetton)
Asia-The Closer I Get To You-Gravitas-2014 (with John Wetton)
John Wetton-Thirty Years (2002)-Live Via Satellite-2015
UK-Thirty Years-UK-1978 (with John Wetton)

Echolyn-Here I Am-Suffocating The Bloom-1992
Steve Hackett-The Lamb Lies Down...-The Total Experience Live In Liverpool-2016
Faz Jaz-Whisper Not-Season IV-2012
Blackfield-Open Mind-Black Field-2004 (with Steven Wilson)
Jean Luc-Ponty-Enigmatic Ocean-Enigmatic Ocean-1977 (with Allan Holdsworth)
Allan Holdsworth-Devil Take The Hindmost-Metal Fatigue-1985
UK-Nevermore-UK-1978 (with Allan Holdsworth)

The Neal Morse Band-The Grand Experiment-The Grand Experiment-2015
Ayreon-Day Three: Pain-The Theater Equation-2016
Not A Good Sign-Wait For Me-From A Distance-2015
Jethro Tull-Flyingdale Flyer-A-1980 (with Eddie Jobson)
Eddie Jobson/Zinc-Transporter/Resident-The Green Album-1983
Eddie Jobson/Zinc-Easy For You To Say-The Green Album-1983
UKZ-Houston-Radiation-2009 (with Eddie Jobson)
UK-Mental Medication-UK-1978 (with Eddie Jobson)
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