#491 Alan Parsons Project-The Turn Of A Friendly Card-1980

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#491 Alan Parsons Project-The Turn Of A Friendly Card-1980

Postby canvas » Mon Aug 15, 2016 8:25 am

The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 491
In Focus-Alan Parsons Project-The Turn Of A Friendly Card-1980

Utopia-Caravan-Adventures In Utopia-1980 (with Roger Powell)
Security Project-Lay Your Hands On Me-Live 1-2016 (with Jerry Marotta)
Antoine Fafard-Renaissance Man-Sphere-2016 (with Gary Husband)
Nektar-Sao Paulo Sunrise...-Recycled-1975 (with Roye Albrighton)
Strange Hobby-Norwegian Wood (1996)-Strange Hobby-2016 (with Arjen Lucassen)
Producers-Freeway-Made In Basing Street-2012 (with Trevor Horn)
Alan Parsons Project-May Be A Price To Pay-The Turn Of A Friendly Card-1980

Focus 8.5-Rock 5-Beyond The Horizon-2016
Giraffe-This Warm Night-The Power Of Suggestion-1987 (with Kevin Gilbert)
Emerson Lake & Palmer-Touch And Go-Return Of The Manticore-1993
Greg Lake-Nuclear Attack-Greg Lake-1981 (with Gary Moore)
Brand X-Disco Suicide-Moroccan Roll-1977 (with Percy Jones)
The Mute Gods-Night School For Idiots-Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me-2016
Steven Wilson-Regret #9-Hand. Cannot. Erase.-2015 (with Adam Holzman)
Neil Campbell-Private Collection 2-Emergence-2015
Alan Parsons Project-Games People Play-The Turn Of A Friendly Card-1980

Steve Hackett-Firth Of Fith-The Total Experience Live In Liverpool-2016
Nad Sylvan-Carry Me Home-Courting The Widow-2015
Spock's Beard-The Bottom Line (2003)-The First Twenty Years-2015
Karmakanic-Higher Ground-Dot-2016 (with Morgen Agren)
Bob Frye-Box Of Stars-Uzoma-2015
Alan Parsons Project-Time-The Turn Of A Friendly Card-1980

Neal Morse-Author Of Confusion-Morsefest 2014-2015 (live)
Gavin Harrison-The Sound Of Muzak...-Cheating The Polygraph-2015
The Beatles-Tomorrow Never Knows-Revolver-1966
Frost-Lights Out-Falling Satellites-2016
UFO-Lights Out-Lights Out-1977 (with Michael Schenker)
Yes-We Have Heaven-Fragile-1972
Alan Parsons Project-The Turn Of A Friendly Card-The Turn Of A Friendly Card-1980
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