#493 Rush-Fly By Night-1975

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#493 Rush-Fly By Night-1975

Postby canvas » Sat Sep 10, 2016 10:15 pm

The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 493
In Focus-Rush-Fly By Night-1975

Ambrosia-And...Somewhere I've Never Travelled-Somewhere I've Never Travelled-1978
Karmakanic-Higher Ground-Dot-2016 (Jonas Reingold)
FAT (Fabulous Austrian Trio)-Hippidie Hop-Living The Dream-2015 (Alex Machacek)
Spock's Beard-Falling For Forever-The First Twenty Years-2015 (Neal Morse)
Rush-Anthem-Fly By Night-1975

Phil Collins-Do You Know, Do You Care?-Hello, I Must Be Going!-1982
Brand X-Smacks Of Euphoric Hysteria-Unorthodox Behaviour-1976 (John Goodsall)
Genesis-All In A Mouses Night-Wind & Wuthering-1976
Steve Hackett-Loving Sea-The Total Experience Live In Liverpool-2016
Antoine Fafard-Reminiscence-Sphere-2016 (Gary Husband)
Fish-Goldfish & Clowns-Sunsets On Empire-1997 (Steven Wilson)
Steven Wilson-Hand.Cannot.Erase-Hand Cannot Erase-2015 (Marco Minnemann)
Kiyomi Otaka-#26-Out Of Sight-2001 (Dave Weckl)
Rush-Best I Can-Fly By Night-1975
Rush-Beneath, Between & Behind-Fly By Night-1975

Rare Bird-Baby Listen-Epic Forest-1972
Strange Hobby-Sunny Afternoon (1996)-Strange Hobby-2016 (Arjen Lucassen)
Electric Light Orchestra-One Summer Dream-Face The Music-1975
Marbin-Just Music-Aggressive Hippies-2015
Riverside-Lost....-Love, Fear And The Time Machine-2015
Morse Portnoy George-Rikki Don't Lose That Number-Cover 2 Cover-2012
The Fents-Day Hike-First Offense-1982 (Adam Holzman)
Rush-By-Tor & The Snow Dog-Fly By Night-1975

Downes Braide Association-North Sea-Suburban Ghosts-2015
Keith Emerson & Greg Lake-I Talk To The Wind-Live From Manticore Hall-2014
Lifesigns-Telephone-Lifesigns-2013 (Nick Beggs)
Refugee-Papillion-Refugee-1974 (Patrick Moraz)
Queen-Doing Alright-Queen-1973
Magic Pie-Endless Ocean-The Suffering Joy-2011
Kansas-Opus Insert-Leftoverture-1976
Rush-In The End-Fly By Night-1975
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