#495 Camel-Moonmadness-1976

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#495 Camel-Moonmadness-1976

Postby canvas » Sat Oct 22, 2016 1:04 am

The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 495
In Focus-Camel-Moonmadness-1976

Toy Matinee-Last Plane Out-Toy Matinee-1990 (Kevin Gilbert)
Kings X-It's Love-Faith Hope Love-1990
Golden Earring-Candy's Going Bad-Moontan-1974
Karizma-Palladium-Document-2000 (live)(Vinnie Colaiuta)
The Neal Morse Band-The Call-Alive Again-2016 (live)(Randy George)
Adam Holzman & Brave New World-Tuesday-Spork-2010
Camel-Song Within A Song-Moonmadness-1976 (Andrew Lattimer)

King Crimson-Three Of A Perfect Pair-Three Of A Perfect Pair-1984
Karmakanic-Steer By The Stars-Dot-2016 (Morgan Agren)
Renaud Louis-Servais Group-Freedom-Epic Circus-2015 (Virgil Donati)
Dave Kilminster-Silent Scream-Scarlet-The Director's Cut-2012
Kansas-Visibility Zero-The Prelude Implicit-2016
The Tangent-Clearing The Attic-A Spark In The Aether-2015 (Morgan Agren)
Chicago-Now That You've Gone-V-1972
Camel-Chord Change-Moonmadness-1976 (Peter Bardens)

Garaj Mahal-The Shadow-Blueberry Cave-2005
Jethro Tull-One Brown Mouse-Heavy Horses-1978
Porcupine Tree-Pure Narcotic-Stupid Dream-1999
The Fringe-You-The Fringe-2016 (Jonas Reingold)
Security Project-I Don't Remember-Live 1-2016 (Jerry Marotta)
Sky Talk-Days In The Sun-Days In The Sun-2015
Camel-Air Born-Moonmadness-1976 (Andy Ward)

Rush-Lakeside Park-Caress Of Steel-1975
Rare Bird-Live For Each Other-Born Again-1974
Steven Wilson-3 Years Older-Hand.Cannot.Erase-2015 (Adam Holzman)
Conrad Schrenk Extravaganza-Wet Fred-Save The Robots-1996
Styx-Mother Dear-Equinox-1975
Return To Zero-There's Another Side-RTZ-1991 (Brad Delp)
John Entwistle-Too Late The Hero-Too Late The Hero-1981 (Joe Walsh)
Camel-Lunar Sea-Moonmadness-1976 (Doug Ferguson)
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