#501-Planet P Project-1983

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#501-Planet P Project-1983

Postby canvas » Fri Dec 30, 2016 10:38 pm

The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 501
In Focus-Planet P Project-1983

Riverside-Lost...-Love, Fear And The Time Machine-2015
Rush-Middletown Dreams-Power Windows-1985
Utopia-The Road To Utopia-Adventures In Utopia-1980
Security Project-Biko-Live 1-2016 (Brian Cummins)
Gary Boyle-Hayabusa-Electric Glide-1978 (Gary Moore & Simon Phillips)
The Neal Morse Band-So Far Gone-The Similtude Of A Dream-2016
Yes-I'm Running-Big Generator-1987
Planet P Project-Static-Planet P Project-1983
Planet P Project-King For A Day-Planet P Project-1983

Steve Lukather-Transition-Transition-2013
Larry Carlton & Steve Lukather-Room 335-No Substitutions-2001 (live)
Alphonse Mouzon-Golden Rainbows-Mind Transplant-1975 (Tommy Bolin)
Tommy Bolin-Crazed Fandango (1975)-Teaser Deluxe-2011
It Bites-Old Man And The Angel-Once Around The World-1988
Francis Dunnery-Back In NYC-There's A Whole New World Out There-2009
Planet P Project-I Won't Wake Up-Planet P Project-1983
Planet P Project-Top Of The World-Planet P Project-1983

Simon Phillips-Wildfire-Protocol II-2013 (Andy Timmons)
Greg Lake-From The Beginning (2005)-Live-2012
Keith Emerson & Greg Lake-I Talk To The Wind-Live From Manticore Hall-2014
Transatlantic-Mystery Train-SMPT:e-2000 (Roine Stolt & Pete Trewavas)
Frank Marino-Stories Of A Hero-Juggernaut-1982
Planet P Project-Armageddon-Planet P Project-1983

April Wine-21st Century Schizoid Man-Harder...Faster-1979
King Crimson-Heartbeat-Beat-1982 (Bill Bruford)
Ultravox-The Voice-Rage In Eden-1981
The Dreaming Tree-Yesterday's Tomorrow-Silverfade-2015
Alain Caron-Enhanced-Septentrion-2010
Downes Braide Association-North Sea-Suburban Ghosts-2015
Montrose-Space Station #5-Montrose-1973 (Sammy Hagar)
Genesis-Keep It Dark-Abacab-1981
Planet P Project-Why Me?-Planet P Project-1983
Planet P Project-Power Tools-Planet P Project-1983
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