#510 Chad Wackerman-Forty Reasons-1991

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#510 Chad Wackerman-Forty Reasons-1991

Postby canvas » Fri May 05, 2017 9:25 pm

The Canvas Prog Hour Playlist # 510
In Focus-Chad Wackerman-Forty Reasons-1991

The Tangent-A Spark In The Aether-A Spark In The Aether-2015
Troposphere-Modern Town-Troposphere-2017
Fish-Credo-Internal Exile-1991
Marillion-Slainte Mhath-Clutching At Straws-1987
Jean Luc Ponty-Enigmatic Ocean-Enigmatic Ocean-1977 (Allan Holdsworth)
UK-In The Dead Of Night-UK-1978 (Allan Holdsworth)
Chad Wackerman-Holiday Insane-Forty Reasons-1991 (Allan Holdsworth)

Triumvirat-Flashback/School Days-Illusions On A Double Dimple-1973
Cosmosquad-Cyclops-The Morbid Tango-2017 (Jeff Kollman)
Hidden Lands-The Prince Of Goofs-Halcyon-2017
Steven Wilson-Happy Returns-Hand. Cannot. Erase.-2015 (Chad Wackerman)
Allan Holdsworth-Devil Take The Hindmost-Metal Fatigue-1985 (Chad Wackerman)
Tony Williams Lifetime-Fred-Believe It-1975 (Allan Holdsworth)
Gongzilla-Allan Qui?-Suffer-1995 (Allan Holdsworth)
Chad Wackerman-Forty Reasons-Forty Reasons-1991

Kansas-With This Heart-The Prelude Implicit-2016
Ayreon-Run! Apocalypse Run!-The Source-2017
Strange Hobby-Bus Stop (1996)-Strange Hobby-2016 (Arjen Lucassen)
Alice Cooper-Halo Of Flies-Killer-1971
Security Project-Moribund The Burgermeister-Live 2-2016 (Trey Gunn)
Eric Johnson-Alone With You (1976)-Secret Worlds-1998
MVP-Rocks-Truth In Shredding-1990 (Frank Gambale & Allan Holdsworth)
Chad Wackerman-Quiet Life-Forty Reasons-1991

Gary Moore-Don't Believe A Word-Back On The Streets-1978 (Phil Lynott)
Brand X-Cambodia-Do They Hurt?-1980 (Percy Jones)
Manfred Mann's Earth Band-For You-Chance-1980 (Trevor Rabin)
Special Providence-Lazy Boy-Soul Alert-2012
Zero 7-Somersault-When It Falls-2004
Johansson, Johansson & Holdsworth-Beef Cherokee-Heavy Machinery-1996
Planet X-The Thinking Stone-Quantum-2007 (Allan Holdsworth)
Gary Husband-Between The Sheets Of Music-Dirty & Beautiful-2010 (Allan Holdsworth)
Chad Wackerman-Tell Me-Forty Reasons-1991
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