Progadelic Escapades Playlist 2-20-12

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Progadelic Escapades Playlist 2-20-12

Postby FKYES » Tue Feb 21, 2012 5:51 pm

Coheed and Cambria- Apollo I- The Writing Writer- Neverender
Coheed and Cambria- Sentry The Defiant
Coheed and Cambria- The Trooper- Maiden in Heaven
Iron Maiden- Moondchild- Flight 666
RPWL- The Ugliest Man In The World- Beyond Man And Time
David Gilmour- Mihalis- David Gilmour
Deep Purple- Bloodsucker- In Rock
Moon Safari- Loers End Pt. 1- The Gettysburg Address
Rush- Marathon- Power Windows
Emerson, Lake & Palmer- Take A Pebble- Emerson, Lake & Palmer
Laurence Ball- Meher Baba Piece- Method Music
The Who- Won't Get Fooled Again- Who's Next
A Liquid Landscape- The Unreachable- Nightingale Express
Absinthe Junk- Precious Delirium- Living Ghosts
Queensryche- The Lady Wore Black- Live Evolution
Rainbow- Tarot Woman- Rising
Dream Theater- Stargazer- Black Clouds & Silver Linings
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