Progadelic Escapades Playlist 07-02-2018

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Progadelic Escapades Playlist 07-02-2018

Postby FKYES » Sat Jul 07, 2018 4:28 pm

Coheed and Cambria- Key Entity Extraction 1- Domino The Destitute- Afterman Ascension
Psychedelic Suns- Rays- Distant Light
Ozric Tentacles- Switchback- Technicians Of The Sacred
First Band From Outer Space- Sometimes Going Too Far Is The Only Way To Go- We're Only In It For The Spacerock
FIrst Band From Outer Space- Sannraijz II- We're Only It It For The Spacerock
Enchant- My Enemy- Break
Yes- Magnifcation- Live- Las Vegas Hilton
Star Period Star- The Pragmatist- Daylight Spending Time
Metallica- Ride The Lightening- Ride THe LIghtening
Metallica- Sabra Cadabra- Garage Inc.
Metallica- Confusion- Hardwired...To Self Destruct
Dream Theater- The Mirror- Awake
Dream Theater- Xanadu- A Farewell To KIngs- 40th Anniversay Edition
Camel- Slow Yourself Down- Camel
The Samurai of Prog- Heroes- Archivarium
Hasse Froberg & Musical Companion- Song For July- Future Past
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