Progadelic Escapades 1-09-17 Top Albums of 2016 Pt One

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Progadelic Escapades 1-09-17 Top Albums of 2016 Pt One

Postby FKYES » Sat Jan 14, 2017 5:14 pm

Part One of the Top Albums of 2016

50) No Sound- Scintilla- In Celebration of Life
49) The Pineapple Thief- Your Wilderness- Tear You Up
48) Hawkwind- The Machine Stops- The Machine
47) Ghost- Popestar- Square Hammer
46) The Neal Morse Band- The Similitude Of A Dream- Overture
45) The Jelly Jam- Profit- Care
44) The Mute Gods- Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me- Nightschool For Idiots
43) Circuline- Counterpoint- Forbidden Planet
42) Glass Hammer- Valkyrie- The Fields We Know
41) Izz- Ampersand Volume 2- Take Me By The Hand
40) Kiama- Sign of IV- Muzzled
39) Robert Reed- Sanctuary II- Sanctuary II Part 1
38) Tiles- Pretending 2 Run- Pretending To Run
37) West, Space and Love- West, Space and Love II- Floyd's Dream
36) Crippled Black Phoenix- Bronze- Dead Imperial Bastard
35) Dream Theater- The Astonishing- Astonishing
34) Animals as Leaders- The Madness Of Many- Cognitive Contortions
33) Opeth- Sorceress- The Wilde Flowers
32) Gone is Gone- Gone is Gone- Starlight
31) Giraffe Tongue Orchestra- Broken Lines- Crucifixion
30) An Endless Sporadic- Magic Machine- The Departure
29) Scorpion Child- Acid Roulette- Acid Roulette
28) Katatonia- The Fall Of Hearts- Old Heart Falls
27) Beware Of Darkness- Are You Real?- Blood, Sex, Violence, & Murder
26) David Bowie- Blackstar- Blackstar
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