Progadelic Escapades 09-11-17 Playlist

Don Cassidy, Mondays 8-10pm

Progadelic Escapades 09-11-17 Playlist

Postby FKYES » Sun Sep 17, 2017 2:19 pm

Genesis- Watcher Of The Skies- Live
Peter Gabriel- I Have The Touch- Security
Queensryche- The Mission- Operation Mindcrime
Operation Mindcrime- The Key- Re-Inventing The Future
Roger Waters- Wish You Were Here- In The Flesh
Enchant- Changes- Tales From Yesterday
Enchant- Oasis- A Blueprint Of The World
Spock's Beard- Skin- Day For Night
Steely Dan- Kid Charlemagne- The Royal Scam
Queen- Don't Stop My Now- Jazz
Kevin Gilbert- Until I Get Her Back- Nuts
The Aaron Clift Experiment- Lonely Hills- Lonely Hills
The Aaron Clift Experiment Interview
The Aaron Clift Experiment- Shipwrecked- Lonely Hills
The Aaron Clift Experiment- Moonscape- Outer Light, Inner Darkness
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