Rickter Scale Show 613 – My Top 100 of 2016, #’s 61-100

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Rickter Scale Show 613 – My Top 100 of 2016, #’s 61-100

Postby Rick and Roll » Sun Feb 26, 2017 5:52 pm

Airing on www.deliciousagony.com
Website: www.rickterscalerockradio.com

Tuesday, February 28, 2017 from 12-3 PM EST
Wednesday, March 1, 2017 from 7-10 PM EST

It took awhile, but I finally got to it. This week are entries 61-100, next week is 21-60, and in two weeks the top 20. Enjoy!

The songs we will hear:

Heather Findlay Band - Shrinking Violet (I Am Snow)
Maschine - A New Reality (Naturalis)
Tempano - The Night Before The End (Nowhere Now Here)
Mother Turtle - Harvest Moon (II)
Dream The Electric Sleep - Culling The Herd (Beneath The Dark Wide Sky)
Zhaoze - Intoxicatingly Lost (Intoxicatingly Lost)
Kiama - Beautiful World (Sign Of IV)
iamthemorning - Lighthouse (Lighthouse)
Yossi Sassi - Winter (Roots And Roads)
Syd Arthur - Seraphim (Apricity)
Eye - Kill The Slavemaster (Vision And Ageless Light)
Haken - 1985 (Affinity)
Levin Minnemann Rudess - Witness (From The Law Offices Of)
Camelion - Concentrate (Yksniv Arts)
Magenta - The Devil At The Crossroads (Live Chaos From The Stage)
Metamorphosis - What Do I Do Now (The Turning Point)
Sanguine Hum - Someone Else's Words (What We Ask Is Where We Begin)
Nine Stones Close - Lie (Leaves)
Izz - Take Me By The Hand (Ampersand Volume 2)
Animals As Leaders - Transcentience (The Madness Of Many)
Elephant Plaza - Paralyzed (Momentum)

The list:

61 Elephant Plaza Momentum
62 Animals As Leaders The Madness Of Many
63 Izz Ampersand Volume 2
64 Nine Stones Close Leaves
65 Sanguine Hum What We Ask Is Where We Begin
66 Metamorphosis The Turning Point
67 Magenta Live From The Chaos Stage
68 Camelion Yksniv Arts
69 Levin Minnemann Rudess From The Law Offices Of
70 Haken Affinity
71 Eye Vision And Ageless Light
72 Blue Mammoth Stories Of A King
73 Pravda The Rising Mediocrity
74 Syd Arthur Apricity
75 Yossi Sassi Roots And Roads
76 iamthemorning Lighthouse
77 Kiama Sign Of IV
78 Human Factor Homo Universum
79 Zhaoze Intoxicatingly Lost
80 Arcade Messiah III
81 Simon McKechnie From My Head To My Feet
82 David Bowie Blackstar
83 Dream The Electric Sleep Beneath The Dark Wide Sky
84 Il Castello Di Atlante Arx Atlantis
85 Mother Turtle II
86 Rob Perez Bluesyndrome 3
87 The Fringe The Fringe
88 Aican Don't Go Deep In The Forest
89 Tempano Nowhere Now Here
90 Robert Reed Sanctuary II
91 Lyrian The Jester's Quest In The City Of Glass
92 Raza Clockwork Symphony
93 Last In Line Heavy Crown
94 Maschine Naturalis
95 Afforested Frithu
96 Beelzefuzz The Righteous Bloom
97 The Mute Gods Do Nothing Till You Hear From Me
98 French TV Ambassadors Of Good Health And Clean Living
99 Heather Findlay Band I Am Snow
100 The Enid Dust
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