Rickter Scale Show 614 – My Top 100 of 2016, #’s 21-60

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Rickter Scale Show 614 – My Top 100 of 2016, #’s 21-60

Postby Rick and Roll » Fri Mar 03, 2017 11:15 pm

Airing on www.deliciousagony.com
Website: www.rickterscalerockradio.com

Tuesday, March 7, 2017 from 12-3 PM EST
Wednesday, March 8, 2017 from 7-10 PM EST

This week I roll out entries 21-60 (last week was 61-100, and next week is the top 20. Enjoy!

The songs we will hear:

Seven Impale - Heresy (Contrapasso)
Paul Bremner - Are You Ooh Yah (The Witness)
Eris Pluvia - Black Rainbow (Different Earths)
N.y.X - Groundhog Day (Wakening, Dressing, Starting Up...) (The News)
Out Of The Beardspace - Cast In Stone (Intent To Express)
No More Pain - Wake Up, Mr. Spader! (The Spader EP)
New Sun - Vigilance (Transitory)
Matthew Parmenter - Stuff In The Bag (All Our Yesterdays)
Half Past Four - Mood Elevator (Land Of The Blind)
Brimstone Coven - Black Unicorn (Black Magic)
Karmakanic - God The Universe And Everything Else No One Really Cares About, Pt. II (DOT)
Gustavo Santhiago - Arcadia (Animam)
Knifeworld - A Dream About A Dream (Bottled Out Of Eden)
La Experiencia - Lista De Pendientes (Deliciosa Eden) (Dremura)
Pete Laramee - Attendance Zero (Chin Music)
Erik Norlander - Unearthly (Surreal)
The Neal Morse Band - The Man In The Iron Cage (The Similitude Of A Dream)
Elephants Of Scotland - The Perfect Map (The Perfect Map)
Vino - Days Of The Turbulence (Voyage)
Heliopolis - Elegy (Epic At The Majestic: Heliopolis Live At Rosfest)
Gong - Model Village (Rejoice! I'm Dead!)
Ad Maiora - Torba (Repetita Iuvant)
Tiles - Pretending To Run (Pretending 2 Run)
TCP - Forest Of Lovelies (Temporal Chaos)
Edensong - The Atman Apocalypse (Years In The Garden Of Years)
Javier Sepulveda - Whispers Of Vilu (Pulse Of Nature)
Melmac - Plexosola (El Fin De La Guerra Del Volumen)

The list:

21 Melmac El Fin De La Guerra Del Volumen
22 Javier Sepulveda Pulse Of Nature
23 Edensong Years In The Garden Of Years
24 Hiromi The Trio Project : Spark
25 TCP Temporal Chaos
26 Tiles Pretending 2 Run
27 TEE (The Earth Explorer) Tales Of Eternal Entities
28 Ad Maiora Repetita Iuvant
29 Blues Funeral The Search
30 Opeth Sorceress
31 Gong Rejoice! I'm Dead!
32 Heliopolis Epic At The Majestic: Live At Rosfest
33 Vino Voyage
34 Elephants Of Scotland The Perfect Map
35 The Neal Morse Band The Similitude Of A Dream
36 Erik Norlander Surreal
37 Pete Laramee Chin Music
38 Antti Martikainen Set Sail For The Golden Age
39 La Experiencia Dremura
40 Agusa Katarsis
41 Anima Mundi I Me Myself
42 Knifeworld Bottled Out Of Eden
43 Gustavo Santhiago Animam
44 The Jelly Jam Profit
45 Kansas The Prelude Implicit
46 Thank You Scientist Stranger Heads Prevail
47 Karmakanic DOT
48 Brimstone Coven Black Magic
49 Half Past Four Land Of the Blind
50 Lazuli Nos Ames Saoues
51 Matthew Parmenter All Our Yesterdays
52 New Sun Transitory
53 No More Pain The Spader EP
54 Out Of the Beardspace Intent To Express
55 N.y.X The News
56 Eris Pluvia Different Earths
57 Paul Bremner The Witness
58 Seven Impale Contrapasso
59 Kaipa DaCapo Darkskapens Monotini
60 A.C.T. Trifles And Pandemonium
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