The Freak Out Hour - 8/26/16

Listen in for space jams, Krautrock, ragas, crazy tunes and heavy times from bands like Amon Duul, Faust, Brainticket, Hawkwind, Acid Mothers Temple and more!

The Freak Out Hour - 8/26/16

Postby jmmallon » Mon Aug 29, 2016 2:27 pm

The Freak Out Hour - 8/26/16

1. Amoeba Split - Clockwise (Second Split)
2. Reconnaissance Fly - Undeciphered (Off By One)
3. Soft Machine - Down The Road (Seven)

4. Alas - Buenos Aires Solo Es Piedra (Alas)
5. Kraan - Heimweh Nach Ubersee (Let It Out)

6. Eye - Rik Rite (Center Of The Sun)
7. Auroris - Soul Search (Failed Gods And Beliefs)
8. Guru Guru - Dance Of The Flames (Dance Of The Flames)
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