Stainless Steel Prog - 9/1/14

A show dedicated to the more aggressive side of progressive rock, showcasing bands like Dream Theater, Vanden Plas, Devin Townsend Band, and Evergrey, just to name a few. If you think that God gave you a head in order to bang it, then this is the show for you!

Stainless Steel Prog - 9/1/14

Postby jmmallon » Tue Sep 02, 2014 6:18 pm

Stainless Steel Prog - 9/1/14

1. Carpe Nota - It Can't Be So (Carpe Nota)
2. Fates Warning - The Sorceress (Awaken The Guardian)
3. John Petrucci - Lost Without You (Suspended Animation)

4. Riverside - Feel Like Falling (Shrine Of New Generation Slaves)
5. Slowbone - Quicksand Dreams (Downer-Rock Genocide)
6. Slavior - Another Planet (Slavior)
7. Sky Architect - Hitodama's Return (A Dying Man's Hymn)

8. Liquid Trio Experiment 2 - Ten Minute Warning (When The Keyboard Breaks: Live In Chicago)
9. The Gathering - Monsters (A Noise Severe)
10. Dio - Egypt (The Chains Are On)/Children Of The Sea (Evil Or Divine)

11. Wizard - Calm Of The Storm (Head Of The Deceiver)
12. Scorpion Child - Antioch (Scorpion Child)
13. Scorpions - Longing For Fire (In Trance)
14. Threshold - Return Of The Thought Police (March Of Progress)

15. Sibelius - A Place To Remember (Rebellion)
16. Deadsoul Tribe - Flies (A Murder Of Crows)
17. Freak Kitchen - God Save The Spleen (Land Of The Freaks)
18. Mangrove - Time Of Sorrow (Endless Skies)
19. Iron Maiden - Genghis Khan (Killers)

20. Dream The Electric Sleep - Heretics (Heretics)
21. Falconer - Locust Swarm (Black Moon Rising)
22. Watchmoore - Drag The Rivers (Watchmoore)
23. Favour The Brave - No Words
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