Stainless Steel Prog - 1/9/17

A show dedicated to the more aggressive side of progressive rock, showcasing bands like Dream Theater, Vanden Plas, Devin Townsend Band, and Evergrey, just to name a few. If you think that God gave you a head in order to bang it, then this is the show for you!

Stainless Steel Prog - 1/9/17

Postby jmmallon » Mon Jan 23, 2017 8:56 pm

Stainless Steel Prog - 1/9/17

1. Juniper Hollow - Deep In Space (Odyssey)
2. Gone Is Gone - Sentient (Echolocation)
3. Pain Of Salvation - Full Throttle Tribe (In The Passing Light Of Day)

4. Alek Darson - Flight Impressions (Panopticon)
5. Cactus - Dynamite (Black Dawn)
6. Giraffe Tongue Orchestra - No-One Is Innocent (Broken Lines)
7. Budgie - If I Were Brittania, I'd Waive The Rules (If I Were Britannia I'd Waive The Rules)

8. Ayreon - Day Fourteen: Pride (The Theater Equation)
9. Grey Lady Down - The Perfect Dream (The Time Of Our Lives)

10. Freak Kitchen - The Smell Of Time (Land Of The Freaks)
11. Metanomia - Descanso Eterno (Un Punto En El Universo)
12. Long Distance Calling - Aurora (Satellite Bay)

13. Frameshift - Arms Races (Unweaving The Rainbow)
14. Blue Oyster Cult - The Vigil (Mirrors)
15. Poverty's No Crime - The Key To Creativity (Save My Soul)

16. Coheed And Cambria - The Hound (Of Blood And Rank) (Good Apollo, I'm Burning Star IV, Volume Two)
17. Operation: Mindcrime - Hearing Voices (The Key)
18. Blue Dawn - Cycle Of Pain (Cycle Of Pain)
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