Stainless Steel Prog - 9/11/17

A show dedicated to the more aggressive side of progressive rock, showcasing bands like Dream Theater, Vanden Plas, Devin Townsend Band, and Evergrey, just to name a few. If you think that God gave you a head in order to bang it, then this is the show for you!

Stainless Steel Prog - 9/11/17

Postby jmmallon » Mon Sep 11, 2017 9:17 pm

Stainless Steel Prog - 9/11/17

1. Gletscher - Uncomfortable (Die Einode)
2. Finneus Gauge - Calling Card (More Once More)
3. Exivious - All That Surrounds Pt. 1 (Exivious)

4. Adrenaline Mob - What You're Made Of (We The People)
5. Cydemind - Tree Of Tales (Erosion)
6. The Judge - Go On Home (Tell It To The Judge)
7. Caligula's Horse - The Hands Are The Hardest (In Contact)

8. Ayreon - Ayreon's Fate (The Final Experiment)
9. Freedom Call - Farewell (Crystal Empire)
10. Evergrey - The Fire (Hymns For The Broken)
11. Nightwish - Deep Silent Complete (From Wishes To Eternity)

12. Meshuggah - Mind's Mirrors (Catch Thirtythree)
13. Metallica - Loverman (Garage Inc.)
14. Protest The Hero - Underbite (Volition)
15. Sonata Arctica - Sing In Silence (Songs Of Silence)

16. Riverside - Rainbow Box (Reality Dream)
17. Judas Priest - The Sentinel (Live) (Defenders Of The Faith)
18. Iron Maiden - Iron Maiden (Beast Over Hammersmith)
19. Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Want To Change The World (Live & Loud)

20. Roswell Six - The Winds Of War (Terra Incognita: Beyond The Horizon)
21. Razor Wire Shrine - Architecture For The Tortured Soul (Going Deaf For A Living)
22. Phantom X - Dance Among The Graves (Storm Riders)
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