Stainless Steel Prog - 11/13/17

A show dedicated to the more aggressive side of progressive rock, showcasing bands like Dream Theater, Vanden Plas, Devin Townsend Band, and Evergrey, just to name a few. If you think that God gave you a head in order to bang it, then this is the show for you!

Stainless Steel Prog - 11/13/17

Postby jmmallon » Mon Nov 13, 2017 6:29 pm

Stainless Steel Prog - 11/13/17

1. Sun Caged - Shades Of Hades (The Lotus Effect)
2. Pagan's Mind - Evolution Exceed (God's Equation)
3. Nightingale - Wounded Soul (White Darkness)
4. Hourglass - Exit Wounds: Farewell (Subconscious)

5. Mullmuzzler - Confronting The Devil (Mullmuzzler 2)
6. Mastodon - Capillarian Crest (Blood Mountain)
7. Poverty's No Crime - The Fifth Element (Spiral Of Fear)
8. Judas Priest - Night Comes Down (Defenders Of The Faith)

9. Dream The Electric Sleep - Roots And Fear (Lost And Gone Forever)
10. Finneus Gauge - Finding The Strength (More Once More)
11. Infinity Minus One - At The Doorway Of Existence (Demo 1.0)

12. Cydemind - Tree Of Tales (Erosion)
13. Leprous - Root (Malina)
14. Threshold - On The Edge (Legends Of The Shires)
15. Deep Purple - On Top Of The World (Infinite)

16. Dream Theater - One Last Time (Live Scenes From New York)
17. Black Sabbath - Neon Knights (Black & Blue)
18. Blue Oyster Cult - E.T.I. (Extra Terrestrial Intelligence) (Some Enchanted Evening)
19. Crippled Black Phoenix - Born In A Hurricane (In A Cave: Live 2014 A.D.)

20. Arena - Unexpected Dawn (The Unquiet Sky)
21. Animals As Leaders - Ectogenesis (The Madness Of Many)
22. Witchwood - The World Behind Your Eyes (Litanies From The Woods)
23. Rival Sons - You Want To (Head Down)
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