What’s New! – Week of June 19, 2017

An hour-long weekly look at the best new progressive rock, hosted by Rick Dashiell

What’s New! – Week of June 19, 2017

Postby Rick and Roll » Fri May 26, 2017 12:55 pm

Airing on www.deliciousagony.com

Monday, June 19, 11AM-noon PM EST,
Thursday, June 22, 2-3 PM EST, &
Sunday, June 25, noon-1PM EST

As we did last week some heavy fare will bookend the show, with UK bands The Fierce and The Dead and Dragonforce doing the honors.

Airbag guitarist Bjorn Riis gives us a majestic piece, and Dean Watson from Toronto has a couple of exciting tracks up. Ephemeral Sun then has a powerful track, and instrumentalists Scale the Summit have two songs.

The Fierce And The Dead - 666...6 (Field Recordings)

Bjorn Riis - Winter (Forever Comes To An End)

Dean Watson - Sum Of Parts (Sum Of Parts)

Dean Watson - The Climb (Sum Of Parts)

Ephemeral Sun - Discordance (Lord Of Hounds)

Scale The Summit - Mass (In A World Of Fear)

Scale The Summit - Astral Kids (In A World Of Fear)

Dragonforce - Midnight Madness (Reaching Into Infinity)
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